Dennis P. Cantwell, M.D.
1939 - 1997

The Dennis P. Cantwell Memorial Lectureship was established to honor Dr. Cantwell's lifelong achievements and his distinguished contributions in child psychiatry and to the University of California.

At the time of his death in 1997, Dr. Dennis Cantwell was the Joseph Campbell Professor of Child Psychiatry at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute. Dr. Cantwell was a leading educator and researcher involved in a broad range of ground breaking studies which included the areas of classification of childhood mental disorders, studies of communication and learning disorders, disruptive behavior disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, suicidal behavior, and pervasive developmental disorders. He is perhaps best known for his family-genetic studies of ADHD.

Dr. Cantwell was beloved by students and professionals for his incomparable teaching which included his infectious humor and unparalleled command of his subject. The power of his skills as a teacher has had profound influence on the field of child mental health and many of his students have gone on to becoming leading academicians in child psychiatry.