Richard Rosen, M.D.
1948 - 2000

The Richard Rosen Memorial Lectureship
was established to honor Dr. Rosen's
many contributions to the field of psychiatry

Richard Rosen, M.D. was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1948. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1970, and from the University of Cincinnati Medical School in 1974. He arrived in Los Angeles in 1974 and began work at UCLA's Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences - first as a resident and later on as an attending psychiatrist in the Neuropsychiatric Hospital where he was a ward chief and also worked in Emergency Assessment Services. At the same time, he maintained a private practice in Westwood.

In 1991 Dr. Rosen joined the faculty of the UCLA Anxiety Disorders Program. He was an attending physician in the Anxiety Clinic and in the OCD Partial Hospitalization Program. He also conducted research in the area of developing new treatments for severe anxiety disorders. This research resulted in several publications, some of which came out of press just last year.

While he held an Assistant Professor position at UCLA, Dr. Rosen continued to treat patients in his private practice - a practice he conducted in two places: Westwood, California and Taos, New Mexico, where he commuted three days every week.

It was during one of his trips to New Mexico that the life of this brilliant physician and researcher was ended in a tragic plane crash. Besides being an outstanding psychiatrist and scientist, Richard Rosen was above all an outstanding human mourned by his friends and patients.

The Richard Rosen Memorial Lecture was established by the Rosen Family Fund in memory not only of Richard Rosen but also his mother Ruth Rosen who died shortly after her son's untimely death. It is the intent of the Rosen Family Fund to honor Richard Rosen and the many contributions he made to the field of psychiatry by holding an annual lecture focused on mental health issues and in particular the field of severe anxiety disorders. Each year, prominent national and international scientists in the area of anxiety disorders are invited to present a lecture to UCLA faculty, students, friends, and family. The purpose of these lectures will be to provide an update on new developments in the field of anxiety disorders and to stimulate further enthusiasm in a field to which Richard Rosen contributed so remarkably.